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It’s useful to know the cost of something before you buy it.  That applies to legal services as much as anything else.  Unfortunately with legal services it’s not always easy to say what a case is going to cost.  A case that’s contested is likely to cost more than one that isn’t, for example.  However, to try and assist you as a potential buyer of our legal services we’ve provided some information on some types of cases, which you can find below.  Whilst we’ve tried to make this information as useful as possible it is only a guide and you should always contact us so that we can discuss your specific circumstances and provide you with the most accurate information that we can.

Purchase of a Freehold Residential Property

Purchase of a Leasehold Residential Property

Residential Mortage or Remortgage

Residential Sale


Motoring Offences


Employment Tribunal

Business to Business Debt Recovery

Licencing Applications in Relation to Businesses