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The NHS have settled a clinical negligence claim for 27 million two days before trial. The claim which was started in 2018, related to a boy treated at Alder Hey hospital as a toddler 12 years ago.

The claimant had suffered two seizures but was sent home from hospital and, despite re-attendance, was not diagnosed with the virus HSV for five days. Now 13, he has what is described as profound impairments and intractable epilepsy, requiring two carers at all times and specialist modified accommodation, therapies and equipment.

The defendant admitted breach of duty subject to one contested point, causation of loss and damage. The matte was listed for ten day trail on quantum but two days beforehand the defendants agreed to pay
a £7.75m lump sum and index-linked periodical payments to be made throughout the claimant’s life (£330,000 a year until he is 19 and then £337,500 per year).

The counsel for the claimant were angered at the defendants delays in reaching settlement.