The mutual enjoyment by a parent and child of each other’s company constitutes a fundamental element of family life.  It is almost always in a child’s interest for family ties to be maintained as severing such ties means cutting a child off from its roots which can only be justified in very exceptional circumstances.

Contact is almost always in the interests of a child and should not be prevented unless there are very good reasons for doing so.  It is the general proposition that it is in the interests of children to retain contact with the parent with whom the child does not reside.  Unless there are very good reasons against it the children of separated parents are entitled to have contact with both of their parents.

The welfare of children is paramount.  The child’s best interest must have priority over any other consideration

We can assist with the following situations:

  • Residence applications, i.e. settling arrangements regarding where a child is to live including shared residence
  • Relocation including international relocation
  • Contact Orders including in cases where there is domestic abuse and in cases where there are objections to contact without foundation.
  • Financial provision including the jurisdiction of the CSA and Lump Sum Order applications
  • Abduction within and outside of the UK
  • Cases to which the Hague Convention applies.

We can also help you with arrangements for your finances upon separation or divorce.

You can read our guide for separated parents on children and the family courts by clicking here .

A glossary of some of the terms that you might hear if you go to court can be found by clicking here

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