Once couples separate, the next step is dividing the matrimonial assets.  The rules intend to achieve fairness in division.  Fairness is a concept  which has different meanings to different people, often separated or former spouses!

Sorting out the finances is known as “application for financial order” or “ancillary relief'” this can be a very complicated area of Law and our experts can help you to make sense of it and obtain the best possible result.

There are several steps to financial resolution and we will explain these with you and discuss fees for each step.

We can assist you with:

  • The payment and receipt of income payments by temporary and long term arrangements
  • The short term occupation of the former matrimonial home pending longer term arrangements
  • The transfer of the former matrimonial home from one spouse to another
  • The release from the ongoing liability to pay the joint mortgage.
  • The payment of a lump sum of money in a single payment or a series of payments
  • The sale of the former matrimonial home and the division of the proceeds of sale.
  • The sharing of the assets whether sole owned or jointly owned including for example holiday homes, cars, boats, shares, policies, investments or cash.
  • The treatment of inherited assets
  • The treatment of the family business as a matrimonial asset.

We can also provide expert advice upon the law relating to  children.

Contact us for further information or to arrange an appointment.  Our fees for the services that we offer are set out on our website but we are happy to meet with you free of charge to discuss any aspect of our charges that are is unclear to you.  We represent people facing serious life changing circumstances and charge fees for our services.  All fees are agreed in advance.  There are no hidden charges.  We will treat you with kindness and respect and provide you with best advice.  Unless you qualify for legal we do not offer a free of charge advice service.

A glossary of some of the terms that you might hear if you go to court can be found by clicking here

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