We are Members of Resolution and subscribe to their code of conduct which requires us to adopt a constructive and non confrontational approach to these matters.  The best way to resolve any Family Law dispute is by discussion, compromise and agreement.

On 1 April 2013 the government introduced changes to the law that mean that legal aid is no longer available for for most people and most types of family work.  There are some exceptions and you may still be eligible for legal aid.  Please contact us if you would like more information.

In light of the government’s changes to legal aid we have introduced three new levels of service to help those clients who do not qualify for legal aid access expert legal advice.  The three levels of service are:

First Advice:

Under our ‘First Advice’ service we provide an interview, up to 50 minutes duration, followed by an advice letter at the fixed cost of £95.00 including VAT, payable at the time ‘First Advice’ is given.  ‘First Advice’ is ideal for those who want to know where they stand and seek advice to enable them to make informed choices.

Helping You:

You pay for our experience, skill and legal judgement on a face-to-face pay as you go basis.  You act as a client in person and have the responsibility for your case.  We help you by providing face-to-face legal advice when you need it.  We can advise you and/or draft documents for you and/or attend court for you at a fixed price agreed in advance.  Consultations are always face-to-face.

If you need more support than the ‘Helping You’ service offers then you can transfer to our ‘Representing You’ service at any time and keep the same solicitor.

Representing You:

Through our ‘Representing You’ service we assume responsibility for your case from commencement to conclusion and you can pay for the full ‘Representing You’ service in one of two ways.

The first way is through monthly billing.  At the end of each month we will send you a bill of costs based on the work done for you during that month.  The bill of costs is payable by you upon receipt.  Payment may be made in cash or by cheque but we prefer debit or credit card payment.

The second way is through our ‘Stage Payments’ agreement.  We agree a figure in respect of our fees, VAT and any likely disbursements and pay that fixed sum for the cost of the work done to the end of that ‘stage’.  We agree to undertake the work we identify as necessary to achieve the end of the ‘stage’ and you do not pay any more than the ‘stage payment’.  You can pay the ‘stage payment’ in advance of the work being done in the knowledge that the fees payable by you can not exceed that sum.

Either way you have the benefit of being able to:

  • budget to meet your costs
  • pay as your case progresses
  • remain actively involved in the cost management of your case

For more information please call (0191) 2636200.

We can help with issues arising from:

We are responding to requests from clients to undertake pieces of work for fixed fees and shall always be ready to discuss this with you.  This makes us significantly different from most other firms who are not yet ready to do this.  Since their introduction these three levels of service have proved incredibly popular with clients.

Contact us for an appointment.

We say what we do, we do what we say and we prove it. We believe in great service and value for money.

You must have trust and confidence in your Solicitor.  Eight out of ten of our new clients are recommended by existing clients and are happy to retain us and instruct us to proceed on their behalf.