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We act for a significant number and a wide variety of companies and commercial clients both in the North East of England and nationally. Our company and commercial clients value the fact that we do not live in ivory towers, divorced from the day-to-day business realities and pressures that so many lawyers seem to.  We know what's needed to run a business, having been in business successfully ourselves since 1983, and we give all of our company and commercial clients an assurance that we will always provide them with the practical advice and guidance they need.

We offer a high quality legal advice service encompassing a wide range of company and commercial law issues.  Our clients enjoy the benefit of swift and realistic advice given in their best interests and invariably come to see our lawyers as an integral part of their business.

We may not have a large shiny office building and we may not be located in the heart of the city but that means you're not paying for either of those things either.  When it comes to what matters we have everything that you need.

Buying or Selling a Business

If you’re buying or selling a business then we can assist you with practical, hands-on guidance.  We can advise you on the range of options available to you and can  liaise with accountants valuers and bankers on your behalf.


When was the last time you looked at your own terms of business?  Would they stand up to the scrutiny of a court?

So many commercial clients only review their terms of business when they are involved in litigation with a customer and they need to fall back on them.  By that time it is too late!  Our commercial lawyers can review your terms of business for you and make sure that they are suitable for the marketplace that you operate in.

Our commercial clients are increasingly finding that they are receiving detailed contract documentation from suppliers and customers alike and although much within that contract documentation is common sense and reasonable, on occasion contact documentation received from your suppliers and customers may impose onerous conditions upon your business.

What do you currently do?  Do you sign the contract and take a charge?  We are able to review all such contracts for a fixed cost.

Commercial Property

Whether you are buying or selling commercial premises or taking out or transferring a lease our commercial property lawyers can provide you with all of the advice and guidance you need.

Starting a Business

When starting a business it’s vital that the fundamentals are in place from the start.  We can advise you on the best way to form your business from Sole Trader to Partnerships and from Limited Liability Partnerships to Limited Companies.

We can assist you in the formations of Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Companies and all other issues relating to the formation of your business.

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery is sometimes seen as a mundane task that doesn’t require any specialist input.  At Paul Dodds Law, however, we believe that debt recovery is intrinsic to the health of any business.  A failure to recover debts can quickly lead to good businesses going bad.  A whole range factors can complicate the debt recovery process and the involvement of one our debt recovery specialists can often lead to debts being paid more quickly than might otherwise have been the case if they had been paid at all.

We provide a complete range of debt recovery services with specialists allowing us to deliver consistently excellent service.  We offer access to debt recovering specialists offering genuine expertise dealing with mortgage recoveries, sales and shortfall, unsecured lending, asset finance and invoice finance.  We can also assist you with trade debt recovery on a business-to-business basis.

Employment Law

We can provide you with advice from employment contracts to resolving employment disputes with employees.

We can advise you through investigatory and disciplinary procedures.  It is essential that you involve a lawyer at the earliest stage in any investigatory or disciplinary procedure to ensure that the correct procedures are adopted.
Employment Tribunal compensatory awards are ever increasing and you can substantially reduce the risks to your business by speaking to one of our employment lawyers at the earliest opportunity.


Just like you we appreciate quality service and value for money. We give both. Like any business we sell a product and that product is our knowledge, our expertise and our time. You can relax knowing we will offer you fixed fees for the work we undertake, we will always discuss fees at your first consultation. We believe the best recommendation that we can have is a satisfied client. Your recommendation means everything to us.

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