Our Public Family Law team are here to help you if the Local Authority are involved with your family about child protection concerns.

We can also help you if you are suffering Domestic Violence and need the protection of the Court.

Get in touch with us for help.  All of these cases are within our area of specialism and expertise and if you are a parent will be free of cost to you funded through Legal Aid.

We can help with:

  • Child Protection Concerns
  • Initial Child Assessments
  • Child Protection Plans
  • Care Proceedings brough by the Local Authority
  • Contact with children in care
  • Applications by members of extended family
  • Applications for Placement for Adoption and Adoption Orders
  • Special Guardianship Order applications

We give expert advice and assistance if you are a parent of a child subject to a Local Authority Child Protection concern you need help from an expert Lawyer to represent you.

These cases can bring life changing results for you and your children. Please contact us as soon as the Local Authority are involved with your family.